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    To adapt to the production and circumstances of each factory, we have created the SHA® system, a fully customizable SET OF components .

    We help you open your own ice factory, avoiding the high costs of industrial ice machines, with our highly efficient and modular system.

    Components of SHA® System

    Bandeja para hacer cubitos de hielo

    Cube mold trays

    Plastic tray for different cube sizes: 5, 25, 48, 58, 64, 68, 75 and 82 gr.

    Máquina de hacer hielo - Llenadora de carros de cubitos

    Stainless trolley

    Steel cart with a standard size of 1190 x 860 x 2000 mm, it carries 78 trays. Total 7020 cubes of the size you choose. The cart can be manufactured with other measures.

    Maquina industrial para fabricar hielo

    Cube mold trolley filler

    To fill the trays with water and air rail to move the carts, it is recommended for more than 4 carts.

    Máquina de hacer hielo - Desmoldeadora


    To remove the cubes from the tray, it is manufactured by us and developed for this tray and that does not cause any problems. The smallest measures 960 x 440 x 1700 mm.

    History as ice factory

    Ice distributors since 1984

    We were born as an ice cube manufacturing company more than 30 years ago with the aim of covering the ice delivery service for the Alicante hotel industry, which did not exist at that time.

    To date, more than 200 ice factories in Europe, America and Africa have purchased our tray ice cube making system.

    We help you open your own ice factory, avoiding the high costs of industrial ice machines, with our highly efficient and modular system.

    Characteristics of the ice cube with the SHA® System

    Cheap ice

    Our system is the way to manufacture ice cubes of the highest quality because the ice comes out well formed, dry, does not stick, solid and the size we want. And the most economical because there are no losses of cold, electricity, water, or breakdowns as in common ice machines.

    Hygienic ice

    Our ice tray has undergone migration tests. We comply with all current health regulations, including the latest amendments to Regulation 10-2011 of the European Commission.

    Durable ice

    Our ice maintains its cube shape for longer, without bubbles or cracks. In part, thanks to the osmosis process of the water, with which the molds are later filled in the filler.

    Maximize your investment. Get profitability in your business thanks to a modular system. Without the need for large injections or expenses, but comparing the expansion of machinery to the expansion of your company as an ice factory or distributor.

    Trust a leading company in the ice sector


    We have more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing ice industrially. Our system was patented in 1994 and we have perfected it over time and our own tests.


    More than 100 factories in Spain and another hundred internationally have begun to distribute ice with our manufacturing system. Request more information to start on your own or if you want, establish yourself as a franchise.


    In addition to all the tests and health control tests on our products, you will be able to pay safely to our LaCaixa bank, you will have the guarantee of a contract of conformity and service of the product itself delivered to your area.

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